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LG WF-ST1408PS 8kg 1400rpm Front Loaded Washer


LG 樂金


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LG WF-ST1408PS 8kg 1400rpm Front Loaded Washer

Washing Capacity: eight kilograms
Spin speed: 1400/1200/1000/800/400 rev / min
Adjustable temperature: cold / 30/40/60/95 ° C
Hong Kong Energy Efficiency: a
European Energy Efficiency: A + + +
Color: Silver
Control Layout Show: Big Touch LED
Door Dimensions: 350 mm
Opening angle: 120 °
Steam washing
Cherish six heavy wash
Smart Sensor
Roller cleaning
Washing capacity induction
Custom Mode
Child safety device
Door Monitor
Laundry Time Display
The default time :3-19 hours
Zero-power standby system
Washing program: fresh wash, anti-allergy / mites, 
cotton clothing, cotton saving wash, 
rayon / simple mixed wash, color wash, 
sports clothing, Ning Jing mode, 
soft clothes, wool, 30 minutes quick wash, large, 
powerful 60 minutes
Motor Type: Direct Drive
Motor Warranty: 10 years
Unit Warranty: 1 year
Size: 600 (W) x 850 (height) x 590 (D) mm
Country of Origin: China
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