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Hitachi RD-210EX 21Liters Dehumidifier


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Hitachi RD-210EX 21Liters Dehumidifier

Dehumidifying Capacity
Manufacturer's Standard: 21L
MEELS Standard: 12.5L
Energy Label Grade 1
Nano Titanium FilterFuzzy Control : Monitor DehumidifyingFuzzy Control : Monitor CondensationAuto Laundry Function
Auto Swing Selection (Swing Switch: Wide / Half / Fix)
Continuous Dehumidifying
LCD Display
Water Tank with See-through Window
Antibacterial Control Panel
4 Casters
Slide Grip Handle
Model                 RD-210EX
Dehumidifying Capacity     Manufacturer's Standard
(Temperature 30oC & Relative humidity 80%)     L/day     21.0
      MEELS Standard
(Temperature 26.7oC & Relative humidity 60%)      L/day      12.5
Heat Capacity           W     -
Dehumidifying Temperature Range           oC     10-40
Power Supply     Voltage      V     220
      Frequency      Hz     50
Power Consumption     Dehumidifying     W     330
      Heater     W     -
      Dehumidifying + Heater     W     -
Current     Dehumidifying     A     1.5
      Dehumidifying + Heater     A     -
Water Container Capacity           L     5.5
Full-stop Capacity           L     4.5
Dimensions     W     mm     360
      H     mm     620
      D     mm     265
Packing Dimension     W     mm     420
      H     mm     710
      D     mm     360
Net Weight           kg     14.2
Gross Weight           kg     15.6
Warranty           year     2



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