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Mitsubishi MJ-E85EF-H 14.5 Litres Dehumidifier


Mitsubishi 三菱


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Mitsubishi MJ-E85EF-H 14.5 Litres Dehumidifier



Daily dehumidifying capacity: 14.5 liters (30 ° C, 80%)
Daily dehumidifying capacity: 8.5 liters (26.7 ° C, 60% of)
Set of tank capacity: 3 liters
3D three-dimensional air

Moisture Removal (liters / day) (30 ° C 80%) 14.5
Moisture Removal (liters / day) (26.7 ° C 60%) 8.5
Set of tank capacity (liters): 3
Humidifiers: 50% / 60% / 70%
Dehumidifier modes: automatic, strong, weak, bathroom mold protection
Drying mode MOVE EYE drying
Air purification
Filter: silver ion filter
Air board: 3D three-dimensional air
LCD operation panel
Caster: to promote the one-way
Timer: 1-9 hour automatic on / off
Internal dehumidification
Child safety lock
Anti-drip device
Continuous drainage
Operating temperature range (º C): 7 - 35
Color: Silver
Power supply: 220V (50Hz)
Power consumption (watts / hour): 250
Coolant: HFC-134a
Dimensions (mm)
W360 H534 D210 (mm)
Net Weight (kg): 13
Grade 1 energy label



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