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Choosing the right refrigerator



Electricity consumption in the residential sector: 14%

Refrigerators are the 3rd highest electricity consuming appliance in Hong Kong households.

Choosing the right refrigerator

The size of refrigerator is a choice of your lifestyle. However you can reduce your carbon emissions by choosing the right one. The general rule of thumb is shown in the table on the right:

Family size Capacity of the fridge* (Litre)
Two-member Between 200 to 230
Every additional member +25
* It shows the fridge capacity only. Freezer space should be added on top of that.
It is more efficient to run one big refrigerator instead of two small ones. If your kitchen space allows, get a bigger refrigerator matching the capacity you require and avoid adding a smaller one later.


1.       A packed refrigerator will block the interior air circulation thus lower the efficiency and spoil the food. However, an empty refrigerator will need more power to cool its                  interior than a full one because an appropriate amount of fillings will help trap coolness. You can simply keep jugs with water in your fridge if it is always empty.


2.        Keep all food and liquid covered. Uncovered food and drink add moisture to the air, and more energy is consumed to cool the interior.


         3.        It takes more power to cool the interior of the refrigerator when heated things are put inside. It is recommended that food should be cooled down before being put into                      the refrigerator.


         4.        It is most efficient to run the fridge section of a refrigerator at a constant 3°C. Every degree cooler will increase the energy consumption by 5%.


         5.       When placing your refrigerator, leave some room for ventilation.