Roblin Artik Premium Type Hood

-18% Roblin Artik Premium Type Hood
Exhaust volume: 950m3/hr 
Stainless steel body 
275W Single Motor 
Electronic control 
3-speed selection + Strong suction 
30 minutes delayed shutdown 
Air update feature 
10 minutes intensive speed automatic abort function 
Safety lock 
Brightness adjustment 
Comes with a wireless remote control 
Metal grease and carbon filters to clean or replace tips 
An aluminum grease network (you can use dishwasher cleaning) 
Exhaust pipe: 120/150mm 
Noise level: 54-69 dB (A) 
Only be used for indoor cycling operation 
Power: 285W 
Origin: Italy 
Distributor Warranty 1 year 
High H1100mm-1230mm x W760mm x D360mm

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  • HK$30,800
  • HK$25,256

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