panasonic 樂聲 NC-SU403P 電熱水瓶

panasonic 樂聲 NC-SU403P  電熱水瓶

Capacity : 4.0L 220V 875W

• U-Vacua saves energy while keeping warm

• Equipped with spotlight to indicate position of water output

• Energy saving timer

• 4-speed dispenser

• Delicious and easy to clean due to diamond fluorine and BINCHO charcoal coated interior

• Cordless electric pump (rechargeable capacitor inside)

• Ceramic filter removes the smell of chorine, mold and trihalomethane. It also restrains minerals from adhering to the inner container, resulting in easy cleaning

• 98/90/80°C keep warm selection

• Over heating protection

• Easy-to-see red floating water level indicator

• 360° rotating body

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