Mitsubish 三菱 V-241BZ-HK Thermo Ventilators

-15% Mitsubish 三菱 V-241BZ-HK Thermo Ventilators

Mitsubish 三菱 V-241BZ-HK Thermo Ventilators



1Drying function

  Laundry and bathroom with double-effect drying mode, can be taken if the heating mode switching, conduct quick-drying and energy-saving effect achieve power saving.


2. Heating function


In the cold winter, as long as a press heating function, it can be cold and the floor warming. Temperature rise of 20 degrees in just 15 minutes, reduce the temperature difference suddenly brought physical hazards.


3. cool features


Features like electric fans, let the summer, warm unventilated bathroom, immediately cool not hot, it will not take a bath to wash sweaty Oh!


4. ventilatory function


The bathroom and toilet moisture discharge, strong ground ventilation, no windows bathroom apartment, but also to maintain dry and comfortable. At the same time, corresponding to an integral plan for future residential ventilation.

5.24 hours ventilation

Modern Residential building itself because tightness, resulting in insufficient ventilation, coupled with sporadic chemical building materials, indoor air quality and pollution, through the 24 hours of continuous ventilation make it home to breathe, but also to the quality of life more healthy.


6. Clean the filter lights

Clean the filter automatic lighting reminder to keep your machine in good condition at all times, you do not need to always worry when cleaning problem.

7. Easy removable filter

Just extract the filter from the side machine can be cleaned completely without additional disassembling the machine; and after cleaning, and then put back to direct, is very close and convenient design.

Size 410x285x170mm
Voltage 220V 60HZ
Exhaust pipe diameter 4 inches
made in japan

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